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    Together We Grow
    St. Thomas More Parish School's Annual Fund has started.  The Together We Give...Together We Grow  Annual Fund directly benefits every child in our school and we are asking individuals and families to prayerfully consider a donation.  While the Annual Fund helps with yearly operating costs, it is also designated with a longer view in mind.  Your participation in the Annual Fund is a demonstration of your love and support for St. Thomas More Parish School.

    The following individuals and families have made donations to the
    Together We Give...Together We Grow  Annual Fund.

    Champions Circle
    H. Herman Grummer
    Duane and Carolyn Hartmann

    Cross & Feather Circle
    Paul and Rebecca Hanks
    Sam and Nicole Hix
    Larry and Jennifer McCarty

    Red & White Club
    John and Nichole Bode
    Kristen Thome
    Paul and Liz Winslow

    St. Thomas More Club
    Nic and Kathy Prado
    Dan and Cathy Suhor
    Ben and Kathleen Warner

    Tiger Club
    Tony and Vicky Alvarez
    Jason and Lisa Carr
    Nina Coltharp
    Richard and Ana Cook
    Ria Dimacali
    Ann Foley
    Marylyn Fontenot
    Lowell and Whitney Garney
    (honoring Megan Garney Class of 2015)
    Cinthia Garza
    Pablo Okhuysen and Mary Gleason
    Maria Granados
    Carey and Suzie Hamilton
    Chris R. Hart
    Barrington and Lamika Iruke
    Bill and Mary Kay Izard
    Thornton N. Jacob, Jr.
    Tony and Angela King
    Joyce M. Laitkep
    Marcella A. Louis
    Allen and Nga Maurer
    Joseph and Joy Nassif
    Mark and Noel Novak
    Antonio Ovalle
    Tony and Lois Palazzo
    Jerri Perrere
    Matthew and Rebecca Pilgreen
    Charles and LeAnne Raimond
    Robert and Sarah Soluren
    Shannon and Kim Veselka
    Dan and Diane Webber
    Benjamin and Meredith Yaker

    CLICK HERE to make a donation or for more information on STM's Annual Fund.


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